GLOBALedit and Aspera Technology
By Globaledit
Feb 23, 2010

Uploading, downloading, and delivering files with high speed file distribution in GLOBALedit is made possible with .  Here is what one of our Industrial Color Software developers has to say about the Aspera technology:

“Aspera has created an innovated technology that overcomes many of the issues often found with high speed networking.

“Aspera’s fasp technology offers many advantages over traditional data transfer systems. It efficiently transfers data with little retransmit. Even though it is implemented as a secure, cross-platform, software solution it does not exhaust your computer’s system resources.

“Where ever you are in the world, GLOBALedit and Aspera’s fasp technology will bring you and your users together. The fasp technology handles most issues caused by networks that are physically separated by large distances where network latency and error are common.

“Aspera’s fasp technology effectively uses any available bandwidth, whereas traditional data transfer systems use a token amount of your bandwidth at any time. As this bandwidth is consumed or released by other systems, fasp adapts to handle these changes.

“All communication is encrypted and secure, ensuring that all your valuable assets are safe with GLOBALedit. Aspera uses 128-bit AES encryption that is used to protect critical government data . Aspera’s fasp technology is built to withstand many common security flaws with existing data transfer systems.

“GLOBALedit and Aspera’s fasp technology represent the fastest and most secure method to maximize the value of your assets.”

We encourage you to review Aspera’s web site for more information here.

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