globaledit 3-11 Update

By Globaledit
Oct 07, 2010

Our development team has packed a lot of useful new features and enhancements into this software update, in order to make everyday tasks easier and faster.  Here are the highlights:

  • Lightboxes are easier to manage, share, and download
  • Downloading groups of files is simpler
  • Overall performance has been improved
  • Producing contact sheets is much easier

Below are the major feature updates:


Lightbox drop-down menus allow you to send, edit, and download your lightboxes.
Download your personal or shared lightboxes with one easy click.
Use lightbox comments to share information about your assets and to manage your lightbox users.

Contact Sheets 

How to use this feature:

Route your lightboxes to Contact Sheets to create PDFs that you can download and print.


The Downloads tab shows all your lightbox and contact sheet downloads.

And finally, here is a full list of the new features in a classic release notes view:

globaledit 3.11 Features and Enhancements

  • Lightbox collaboration tools
  • Simple Lightbox Download All
  • Lightbox Organization tools
  • Simplified lightbox sharing (autocomplete, simpler options)
  • New download management tool for lightboxes and contact sheets
  • New asset request management system
  • Rights manager can change expiration for approved assets
  • Image Editor quick search
  • System Reports updates
  • Updated Ingested Files report
  • Updated notifications for asset rights and job status
  • Simplified contact sheet creation, UI and performance
  • Faster search
  • Delete asset notes
  • Generate lightbox asset list
  • View all users that killed/approved an asset
  • Flag is now always available
  • Ability to click back to Admin user search results page
  • Improved UI when logging in through a lightbox link
  • Allow user name as watermark option in Approval Galleries
  • Accounts with a custom URL can specify the URL used in notification emails
  • Additional Job/Library Manager filters
  • Ability to clear My Flags
  • Improved security by removing admin access to user credentials
  • Added change password feature for admins
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