Once you’ve set up your file directory and users on FileSociety, it’s really easy to give your users access to the files and folders that they need. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Drag the user’s name onto the file or folder you want them to access (this will automatically grant them the ability to both upload and download)
  • Conversely, drag the file or folder onto the user’s name (both upload and download access will be given here as well)
  • Click the file or folder, and then click the upload, download, or link icon to give access as needed. The link icon will give both upload and download access.

To see what a user can access, click the “Show user library…” drop-down list and choose the user’s name. This will show you that user’s library.

For any additional questions on this or any other features, visit our support site or contact us.