GE 3-12 Software Update – New Features for Image Captioning, Job Assignment, Password Management, and General Performance

By Globaledit
Dec 14, 2010

We are very excited to share with you the most recent 3.12 software update. In order to simplify the system and make it more powerful, key workflows like editing metadata and assigning jobs to users are streamlined and additional security measures are added.
Here are some highlights and direct support URLs for the major feature updates:
Metadata Editor: Support Site Link
Some of our clients use GLOBALedit’s metadata editor extensively to caption stills from movie or television production. This workflow is now much faster and simpler. You can Tab through fields and automatically save your changes with fewer confirmation dialogs.

You can also easily export a metadata report as a single CSV file for your records.

Job Access: Support Site Link
The job assignment workflow has been streamlined to make it easier for you to quickly give many users access to many jobs. Now, you can start typing the first few letters of the job and/or user you wish to assign and GLOBALedit will automatically complete the rest of the field with matching job or user names. It’s also a lot faster to assign multiple jobs or users as well as to search existing assignments.
Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.29.51 AM
Password Security: Support Site Link
A big update that we’ve implemented for this release is increased password security. GLOBALedit now allows administrators to generate one-time login links for their users’ accounts, which expire after one session. This gives admins the ability to ensure user accounts are working correctly while keeping passwords safe and accounts secure.
Here is the full list features and changes for the GLOBALedit 3.12 update:

  • Remove admin ability to obtain user credentials to increase security
  • New temporary login feature for admins
  • New password reset process: “Forgot Your Password?” will reset your password
  • Isolated admins can unlock users in their account group
  • Zero key clears stars in Image Editor
  • Contact sheet PDF optimized for higher resolution thumbnails
  • View perferences saved in library (ex. thumbnails per page, thumbnail size)
  • Metadata export report update: export metadata report as CSV, fewer dialog windows
  • Streamlined metadata editor UI: fewer confirmation pop-ups, options to “Warn me about unsaved changes”, ability to Tab through fields
  • Approval Gallery management updates: option to email gallery recipients, ability to send reminder ermail, all recipient fields are auto-complete
  • New filter for “Select and Non-Killed”
  • Ability to filter a lightbox and “Download All” by filter
  • Streamlined Assign Job to User page: no Assign Job to Account page, auto-complete fields for Job and User selection, updated performance in assignment and search
  • Assign job to user: assigning a folder automatically assigns its subfolders
  • Lightbox Notes field on Lightbox Info page
  • Default message shown for users with no content
  • New Sbloearch option for Non-Killed assets
  • Download All from lightbox will download larger file when there are filename collisions (ex. Hires JPG will be downloaded over lores preview jpeg)

Video updates:

  • Improved job processing for video files
  • Improved video playing

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