Food Network's Megan Re Interviewed About DAM by KM World

By Globaledit
Apr 01, 2013

food network data asset management DAM
Valued globaledit customer, Megan Re of Food Network, was interviewed by KM World. She spoke about how digital photos and videos are a crucial element of a brand’s web experience and therefore become crucial to manage properly across a growing brand and team members across the globe. Read the interview with Megan below, or head to to read the full piece.

The Food Network, which includes a lifestyle network, website and magazine, is one such company. In today’s fast-moving media environment, it is essential to be able to find, select and distribute digital photos without losing them somewhere along the process, says Megan Re, photo director. She is in charge of digital photos for all of the network’s properties, including the website.The website team works in an environment that requires a constant flow of new digital photos, as well as other content for the numerous updates that are made every day. But when Re joined the Food Network a couple of years ago, no such system was in place to find and deliver the needed digital photography to the website team. Each department in the company had its own photo files, with little knowledge about what photos another department might have, what photos weren’t available anywhere in the network and what photos might be available if they could only be located.”There were no specs on the metadata, no specs on file naming, no size information. We had boxes of slides, transparencies, photos on hard drives, other images of DVDs and a lot of different silos,” Re recalls. “We had to develop a whole new workflow.”So Re looked at a number of providers that could give the Food Network a centralized repository of the photos, with full filing, tagging and identification capabilities. She talked with other photo professionals and other television networks and also spent 18 months determining a workflow strategy that would operate best for her and her team. It was also essential that the digital photos remain in a central repository rather than being removed (and perhaps lost).In early 2011, Re started using the photo and video platform of GLOBALedit, enabling her to manage the Food Network’s digital photos in the cloud. The platform enables authorized users to review, approve and distribute digital photos.”I’ve just loved it,” Re says. “This thing is great. It really solved our problem of sharing the assets and knowing what we had. We can easily send images to talent for approval and have everything tracked and organized.”In January, globaledit integrated the ICTV JPEGmini media technology, which reduces the size of digital images for transmission, enabling them to be distributed as much as five times faster than before. That is a critical new feature, particularly for the Food Network’s website team, because it will enable Re to share photos with them much more quickly, meaning faster updates and a better Web experience for users, she says.


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