Feature Updates

By Globaledit
Mar 05, 2013

You ask. We listen. The globaledit team is focused on making the leading photo and video management platform even better. We constantly strive to make your life easier when it comes to Work in Progress (WIP) and creative production workflows. Check out these new feature updates, below. They’re available for you to use today. If you have questions or want more information on these or any other product updates, please contact us or call 212-792-2712.
Batch Filename Search: Instead of searching for files by only one filename, now users can search multiple filenames at once, copy/paste a file list from an email or quickly rate or create a collection from a list of files created outside of GLOBALedit.
Audio File Support: Before users could only upload audio files. Now you can upload , playback, pause, download, rate and share audio files audio files (WAV, MP3, AIFF) all within GLOBALedit.

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