New! Feature Updates

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released new feature updates to globaledit that’ll make your workflow even more streamlined. Assets load faster, galleries and uplinks are easier to create, new real-time notifications make work speedier, and security is…well…even more secure.

  • Faster Asset Loading – Jobs and folders with large asset counts will see a significant decrease in the time it takes to load assets.
  • One-Click Galleries and Uplinks – We’ve streamlined the creation of galleries and uplinks into an easy 1 step option. Check out the support articles for more details:
  • New Notifications – New real-time notifications have been added to cover additional use cases in globaledit.
    • When a Lightbox comment is created
    • When an asset in a Lightbox has been marked up
    • When a job or folder expires
  • Security Updates – We’ve also made some back-end updates to strengthen globaledit’s security to make it even more robust.

Our account team is more than happy to walk you through how to incorporate these beneficial updates into your workflow. As always feel free to contact us at