Feature Update – Watermarking

By Globaledit
Jan 02, 2013

Happy new year!
To kick off 2013, we’d like to introduce our last update from last year. Security is an important feature in GLOBALedit, since many of our clients deal in highly sensitive imagery. We added new and more granular options to Watermarking to further ensure this security:
Repeating Watermarks
Now you can set your account’s text watermark to repeat across the image. You’ll find this under the “Position” option:

Adjust the “Rotation Angle” and “Font Size” to get more or less coverage on the image.

Username Watermark Settings
We broke out the Watermark feature under your Account options, and added a new “Set Username Watermark” feature:

Here, you’ll be able to adjust the options for your account’s username watermark, which can be used in Galleries. Preview the watermark with your own username:

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at support@globaledit.com with feedback on this and any other feature on GLOBALedit.

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