Feature Update: Simultaneous Job Upload & More

By Globaledit
Aug 23, 2013
Thanks to our customers’ feedback, we’re able to continuously provide even better features for globaledit users.  Here are a few new updates that you can start using right away!
Simultaneous Job Upload
In an effort to save time and increase efficiency, users can now modify jobs during uploads. You can upload, append derivatives, create, move, rename, add & delete folders AND assets all at the same time!
Learn more here.
Name Change: “Dropbox” to “Uplink”
In order to improve user ease and clarity, we are now referring to “Dropbox” as UplinkUplink is a simple upload portal to send to anyone who needs to upload directly to a job or folder.  Check out a short demo here.
globaledit & XINET Integration
XINET allows globaledit users to take captured and approved images to final layout seamlessly.  Using the tools together just got even easier.  We’ve created custom field mapping for XINET metadata schemas.  Watch the webinar recording to learn more about our integration with XINET. 
P.S.  We’ve also made globaledit’s search functionality more comprehensive- making it easier to find exactly what you need.  Search performance has improved and is returning even more relevant results to users every time they look.
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