Feature Update – Appending Metadata

By Globaledit
Dec 05, 2012

Workflows like talent tagging or captioning usually require multiple rounds of adding different metadata to large collections. It’s not always possible to get it right the first time.
Yesterday, we introduced an update to the Metadata Editor so you can append metadata to multiple assets with different data values. This means you can add onto the existing data without worrying about what’s already there, in one fell swoop.
Append Metadata to Multiple Assets
Multi-select or select-all assets. With assets that have different data values in a field, such as the Dublin Core Description field (commonly used to annotate talent or other descriptors), GLOBALedit will indiciate that there are <multiple values>”. Just type in your text after this object. For example, you can add John Doe to the list of talent represented in the images by adding “, John Doe”


You can also use your Backspace or Delete button to remove the “<multiple values>” data or replace with completely new text.

For additional support or to submit a feature request, email us at support@globaledit.com!


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