How Fashion Tech Provides Transparency and Sustainability

By Globaledit

Retail Store Female Model

A recent NYTimes post shows how Another Tomorrow harnesses AI and technology to provide consumer transparency on their clothing line.

The article notes, “Affixed to the label of every Another Tomorrow garment is a scannable QR code that, if a shopper holds their phone camera over it, will direct them to a website explaining where the piece was made and where its materials came from, down to the exact roll of fabric used. ” The deep learning of metadata, an automated search functionality that provides data which gives information about other data, helps consumers understand what the product is made of.

Metadata, in particular, product metadata, is crucial in propelling fashion companies’ AI strategies. In fact, AI strategies would not be possible without product metadata, and it is the creative teams that are the ones best suited to capture and drive the influence of this information during production and post-production. There is a ton of first-hand knowledge that only creatives have access to that,  if applied, can empower consumers with highly relevant and accurate product to provide transparency.

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