TikTok is making a splash into the fashion industry, and brands are using the new social platform to drive sales.

Glossy article “How Gen Z-brand Adika is Using TikTok influencers to drive sales” takes a close look at how Adika successfully increased purchases with the power of the new social media platform. Dedy Schwartzberg, the founder of Adika, realized that “after seeing the flood of sales from one TikTok post” the company soon started to shape a marketing strategy and a healthy budget for the platform.

Schwartzberg commented while though still heavily interested and invested in Instagram that TikTok provides a fresh new marketing tool to their arsenal. In comparison to Instagram, TikTok is known for being more organic, raw, and up-close. The focus is less on the background and more on the clothes and dancing. The brand has partnered with 30 to 50 Gen-Z influencers for TikTok alone.

The introduction of yet another platform into fashion brands’ already large repertoire of social media platforms means more creative content for more channels.

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