How Fashion Brands Are Standing Out from the Crowd

To stand out from the crowd and build Moncler, once a near-bankrupt ski brand, into a 1.5B per year fashion staple, Remo Ruffini, the firms CEO, has changed the way the brand communicates and interacts with its consumers.

Moncler has switched to a monthly release model to keep up with fast fashion giants while delivering a top-quality product at a luxury price point. This monthly release model allows Moncler to interact nearly daily with its followers with fresh and exciting new releases, creating beautiful creative assets through photography and video to spread the word. With this new model comes an even more packed creative production schedule. Globaledit can help significantly shave time off the post-production process to keep your next shoot on schedule, and our metadata capabilities allow brands with high volume to keep organized to fully utilize all produced creative assets.

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