Fashion Brands Need Sustainability in their 2020 Strategy

By Globaledit
Feb 11, 2020

Fashion brands are aware they must embrace sustainability in their 2020 marketing and production strategies, but they are struggling with how to conceptualize and execute.

The proliferation of articles, reports, and blogs on sustainability pressures brands into incorporating sustainability as a buzz word in their brand message. However, many fashion companies are lacking knowledge of how to become a sustainable brand or create an impactful sustainable campaign.

There is no doubt the topic is prevalent within the industry and growing in power, placing even more demand on brands to embody sustainability. Forbes article “Sustainable Fashion Reigned Supreme at the Oscars, Led by Rivals Louis Vuitton and Gucci” glorifies designers who created pieces from re-purposed or sustainably sourced material. Designers who failed to opt for eco-friendly material or go vintage did not make the list.

Reputable news sources, such as Forbes, are continually praising fashion brands who strive to make sustainable efforts. Brands who fail to incorporate sustainability will remain unmentioned and unnoticed by consumers.

Our next micro-blog will unpack strategies on how to succeed with sustainability.


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