How Digital Markups Can Improve Creative Collaboration

By Globaledit

Today, online creative collaboration looks like this:

  • Where is his/her email?: One project or one asset (image, PDF, video) can generate thousands of back-and-forth emails.
  • In which email did I read this?: When you scan emails all day long, it can be difficult to search for the exact comment or note, especially on iPhone or iPad.
  • Who said it?: With several stakeholders involved, you vaguely remember someone sending a comment about a specific asset, but who and when?
  • Did he/she give his/her feedback?: It’s hard to track who did or did not review the assets in time.
  • What changes need to be made?: Collecting all the feedback is time-consuming, and mistakes are common.
  • What is he/she talking about?: You’ve got the message but you’re still trying to figure out how to read between the lines.

Using digital markup tools is an easy way to communicate clear directions to your team. By directly drawing and commenting on the image, PDF, or video file, your team saves time, avoids mistakes, and eliminates endless rounds of review.
Here are 3 reasons why you should start using digital markups and annotations to communicate with your creative team:

1. Move the conversation…

…from your inbox to your assets. Gathering all your assets in one single ‘place of truth’ is the first step to better collaboration. If you add the possibility for people to provide their feedback and comment directly on the asset (image, PDF, video) they are reviewing, you’ve already cut down ⅔ of your emails and the time spent searching for them.

2. Track your creative team’s feedback

Each time your teammates leave a comment or a markup, know exactly who requested the changes, reviewed the images, PDF document, or videos.

3. Show don’t tell

By using digital markup tools (shapes, colors, notes), feedback are more accurate and the work gets done faster. Decide on a color-code with your team to quickly estimate the amount of work or the team involved in the changes.

Globaledit has an integrated digital Markup Editor that enables creative production teams to quickly communicate and share their feedback and comments on photos, PDFs, and videos. By using the Markup Editor on their desktop, iPhone or iPad, our clients noticeably reduce their retouching, editing, and rounds of review with their team (video, eCommerce, marketing, etc.).
Watch how the Markup Editor for images & PDF works and how you can accelerate your video review with video commenting at time frame.