A Conversation with an Expert in Digital Experience

What are the current challenges in creative operations today? We asked David Iscove, our Director of Solution Architecture and Implementation a few questions to find out more about obstacles when it comes to the digital landscape in Creative Operations.

How does your position as a creative give you unique insight into Digital Experience?

I know the real pressure and politics that occur on set. Far too often, solutions are designed by IT or Project Management teams in a bubble simply based on a business requirement and an application’s technical ability. But there is a major difference between what’s technically possible and what is practical or reasonable to ask of creatives who are under the gun and constantly being asked to produce more and more content in shorter amounts of time. I approach all my solution recommendations with respect for practicality and realistic expectations for change adoption.

Why is there a need for Digital Experience in the Creative Operations landscape today?

In addition to the ‘more is more’ attitude of fast fashion and media production, we’re now seeing an explosion in brands’ ability to scale globally in a short amount of time. Brands can see skyrocketing valuations occur almost overnight and then need to respond from a production perspective to keep up with demand/expectation.

What worked yesterday for a brand to manage production can quickly become a hindrance and liability against scaling successfully. Digital Experience aims to identify those obstacles and provide solutions, primarily from a linked data efficiency perspective, in order to enable our customers to grow with and respond to market demand.

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