Top Reasons to Consider Digital Asset Management and CAM

By Globaledit

Meet Today’s Creative Content Challenge

The demand for visual content across all industries is putting a spotlight on creative teams to bear the brunt of supply and demand. Creative content production is increasing as CMOs realize the importance of investing in strategies such as omnichannel and multichannel marketing, visual commerce/shoppable social, and AI customer experience. These strategies call for a vast amount of highly optimized creative content to be produced under a tight turnaround.
Technology is key to successfully executing visual content strategies. When it comes to searching for product photo production technology a DAM or Digital Asset Management software may populate in your search results. Although, a Digital Asset Management is about the final approved assets along with usage rights amongst other permissions it should never be confused or substituted with a Creative Asset Management (CAM).
A CAM is a creative management workflow platform designed for the processes and workflows of creative and production teams. It’s simple, C comes before D; CAM is necessary at the beginning of a creative asset lifecycle when there is a massive volume of content. In addition to being critical at the start of creative production, a Creative Asset Management can also be used throughout the entire processes and workflows for creative and production teams. The volume of content at the start of an asset lifecycle is vastly different from the amount of content that ends up in a Digital Asset Management.
Digital Asset Management technology companies report that their customers store around 39,000 assets in their Digital Asset Management platform. With a Creative Asset Management platform (CAM), the average customer can upload 1M+ visual assets; 39% of the assets stored in a Digital Asset Management on average. It is necessary to have technology specifically designed to manage the volume and processes related to photo and video production at the beginning of the creative process to arrive at your end goal of finalizing creative content faster.
Efficiency and effectiveness at the start of the asset lifestyle are critical to deploying highly optimized content across multiple channels and marketing strategies. A CAM will create the efficiency and effectiveness you need. 

Get Started with a  CAM.

P.S. Stay in tune for our next post to learn exactly how a CAM creates efficiency and accuracy throughout the photo production process. 

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