Remember when getting in touch with a colleague or client meant finding a payphone and trying to find loose change? How about having to send multiple emails because of file size limitations? Or shipping a hard drive to your business partner? Thanks to innovations in technology, today’s workflow has improved and evolved dramatically.
evolution of mobile devices, New Infographic!, globaledit®Data accessibility is no longer a roadblock to workflow. You can now access a nearly unlimited amount of data right from your phone or tablet with cloud and mobile technology. Today’s most innovative tools leverage that technology to improve workflow and collaboration. globaledit’s cloud-based software enables teams to work faster, smarter, and from anywhere – moving you ahead of the competition and delivering creative success.

evolution of mobile devices, New Infographic!, globaledit®

Digital workflow tools are faster, smarter and more mobile than ever.  Are you?

Check out our infographic highlighting just how much has changed over the years and how far we’ve come.