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By Globaledit
Jan 16, 2014

When we say creative production is in our DNA, we mean it.  Our sister company, Industrial Color Productions, collaborated with director Nathan Brown to create the concert visuals for Jay Z’s Magna Carter World Tour.  They shot and edited the entire project right here in our Tribeca headquarters making use of the office’s industrial look- and even some of our own employees.  You’ll see one of our Exec’s transformed to look like Big Brother in the lo-fi surveillance aesthetic.

The inspiration for the visual language of Jay-Z’s Magna Carter Holy Grail tour came from a collection of images of redacted government materials, surveillance imagery, and low-fi hacker culture – as if the entire time the show was going on – we were being watched by big brother and the information we were receiving was being recorded, audited, and censored. After the original references were collected – I spent eight days working 24/7 with Industrial Color to bring the ideas to life, working hand-in-hand with their production team sourcing materials for two-days of in-house shooting…. The entire project was a perfect example of vertical integrated fluidity – and the importance of utilizing multiple services under one roof.

– Director, Nathan Brown

When you work here, you never know- you might just end up on stage with Jay Z.  Check out more behind the scenes here.

Jay Z's Magna Carter Tour

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