The creative production toolkit


For the third installation of our Creative Ops Breakfast Series, David Plavin, Creative Applications Service Manager at Resources IT, and Irene Yoo, Photo Manager at Food Network & Cooking Channel, discussed the specific tools and technologies that make professional creative production kick. From Capture One to DAM to Dropbox and Photoshop, panelists shared the indispensable tools that their teams use to get work done.

  • What key solutions for creative production toolkit today
  • How to evaluate your current tools and technology
  • What upcoming technology to look into/for to improve your workflow


Watch the full panel:

The Creative Ops Breakfast Series is the breakfast lecture series for creative production and operations professionals to network and learn as well have a delicious breakfast.




David Plavin
Creative Applications Service Manager
Resources IT, a Publicis Groupe company

David has been at the Publicis Groupe for over 20 years and currently serves as the Service Manager for Creative Solutions. He works with the Groupe’s North American creative agencies helping them become more productive by supporting a suite of applications. David has a strong background in production and creative development, which enables him to better understand the need of his clients. He migrated from publication design to technical support in a period of 35 years.


Irene Yoo
Photo Manager
Food Network and Cooking Channel

Irene is responsible for still photography production and asset management for Food Network and Cooking Channel shows and related entities. She has 7+ years of experience in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) field working with different brands and industries to streamline creative workflows.


Matt Glueckert
Host – Product Manager

Matt uses his lifelong passion for creative technology to lead a development team define and design the creative production application of the future. Before joining globaledit, he was a creative technologist at Showtime where he managed the photo department, photographed boxing events, and developed DAM tools for non-geeks.