Creative Operations and Beyond: Uniting Art, Technology & Commerce

By Globaledit
Feb 29, 2016

For our fourth installation of the Creative Ops Breakfast at globaledit HQ on February 25th, 2016, Scot Safon (former EVP/CMO of The Weather Channel, CNN, and TNT) and Christopher Grakal (former VP of Image Management & Technology Strategy at Turner Broadcasting) shared their perspectives on how to maximize the combined power of creative, tech and business teams.
Check out what they had to say:

Globaledit presents the Creative Ops Breakfast Series, a monthly event that addresses key issues and challenges faces by creative production and operations professionals today.


Scot Safon - PortraitScot Safon is a brand consultant and media executive who has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of CNN Worldwide, The Weather Channel, and TNT. He also ran the cable network HLN. He started at NY ad agencies, after getting his MBA from Cornell and his BA from the University of Virginia.

Christopher Grakal - PortraitChristopher Grakal is the former VP of Image Management & Technology Strategy at Turner Broadcasting. He has strong track record of creating strategy and building technology-forward systems and organizations that maximize the value of content, marketing, PR and sales assets. He’s also a thought leader on how technology is driving consumer experience, advertiser value and creative workflow potential.

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