Creative Asset Management is at the Forefront of Globaledit

By Globaledit

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Creative Asset Management is at the Forefront of Globaledit, globaledit®

Globaledit combines traditional digital asset management capabilities with work in progress scale & functionalities found in creative asset management. What does that mean for a company that utilizes globaledit? The software will be at the heart of your workflow ecosystem. It will allow you to simplify your creative workflow and streamline your team. 

The benefits of having creative assets management are limitless. You’ll be able to easily meet content demand and work at maximum because you will no longer need tools like Google Drive or Dropbox. Instead, everything is in one place. Globaledit’s Creative Asset Management is with you throughout the entire asset lifecycle, creating a quicker turnaround for your content, without compromising quality. From the moment you upload all of your images, globaledit makes it seamless to select your desired images, share them securely with your team, rate and vote on the images, and markup the images; no mistakes, no hassle.

What can you expect from a creative asset management system?


All of your assets are visible to you at a glance. You can organize your asset collections to streamline work, get asset rights, permissions, and expiration of content to ensure the correct content is sent to the right person safely. Collections make scalability easy because your content is right there when you need it. 


Your entire team can organize, rate/edit, and review assets faster in a modern, secure, and seamless workflow. With creative asset management you and your team can see all versions of the asset, essentially creating shorter production cycles and reduced time-to-market for high-impact visual assets. 


Send less time searching for your assets. Globaledit’s creative asset management tool lets you focus on the right content by automating tasks from cataloging assets to transformations for specific applications allowing for increased productivity.  With image identification and metadata you can search for an asset at each stage of the life cycle. 

Advanced Search:

Enhanced asset information and asset history provides the capability of quickly searching and finding your most desired asset. To shorten the creation process, you can add a new collection based on your searches and needs. 

Asset Rights:

The most important feature of Globaledit’s creative asset management system is unparalleled security. Giving asset access to the wrong person through an unreliable medium is harmful to your business. Globaledit’s asset rights ensure the asset goes to the right person. You can set expiration dates, grant or deny access requests, track usage, add watermarks, and more.