Create Unique Logins with GLOBALedit

By Globaledit
Feb 16, 2010
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The newest 3.9 release of GLOBALedit has updated the way we deal with user logins. Now, you can create unique login names that do not have to be an

email address. 


For example, instead of logging in as “”, you can be ”johndoe”, “jdoe”, “johnd”, or even “awesome3000”.


This is good news for those managing talent approvals, since talents often share publicists. The new user login features allows you to create multiple, unique user accounts linked to the same email address. You can have

“TalentA”, “TalentB”, and “TalentC”, all with the same email address.


Create your unique user names in the “Login Name” field when you “Add New User”. 


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