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By Globaledit
Apr 19, 2011

The Globaledit iPad App can be used to instantly communicate between creative executives and their production team from any location. Users can rate assets and enter notes that are immediately available to other iPad App users and users of the Globaledit web application. The iPad app is a useful way for users who are often traveling and on the go to work and communicate with users back at the office.
To create a gallery, go to Manage ? Galleries and select either a lightbox or folder from your library.

You can then configure the gallery name, kill percentage or approval ratings, expiration date, watermarking and notes.

Senders have the option of sending the same gallery to multiple recipients, which allows users to collaborate on the same assets instantly and see each other?s ratings or they can send the same content to multiple users in individual galleries so that users cannot see each other?s activities.

Type the recipients name in the Recipients field (they must have a Globaledit account) and then configure the email subject, message and any other recipients that you would like copied on this email.

The gallery recipients can then view the gallery through any internet browser or can login to the Globaledit iPad app to view and edit their galleries instantly from any location with internet access. For users with the iPad app installed viewing their notification email on the iPad, the link will take them directly to the App.

To download your galleries, touch the gallery to start the download.

Simply touch a gallery again to open it up and begin editing.

To approve an image, select the image and then touch the Approve button. This rating will be instantly saved on the system and be available to any user with access to this asset.

To make a note, select the image and then select the notes icon. Touch the Add a note button to write your note.

Select Save to save your note. This note will be instantly visible on Globaledit to any user with access to the asset.

The other user who was sent this gallery will see the ratings and notes made to the gallery by the first user.  The second user can then go in and make additional notes and ratings in response.

These ratings and notes will be instantly reflected on Globaledit and the system will indicate who approved which assets and who made each note.

For more information on using the Globaledit iPad app, watch the support video below:

For a fun demo of Globaledit iPad app features, watch the marketing video below:

Visit our support wiki page on the Globaledit iPad App here for specific workflow information.

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