Changing the Makeup of the Beauty Industry

A recent report by J.P. Morgan explores how technology, from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, drive growth and re-envisions the beauty industry.

The report unpacks “how technology is giving the beauty industry a makeover.” Metrics from the report indicate that the beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing consumer goods sectors. The rise of beauty YouTubers and selfie culture has changed the landscape for cosmetic brands’ marketing and sales models. Beauty sales are booming from a proliferation of highly visual campaigns showcasing the latest beauty trends and technology.

The need to reveal the most recent innovations in beauty calls for an inexhaustible amount of visual content tailored to diverse channels from YouTube to Instagram Stories. An infinite amount of visual assets demands an image management system to classify, sort, approve and ultimately push out to production. High-quality visual campaigns capturing emerging trends and produced in a timely fashion has proven to increase revenue.

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