Centralize Your Digital Assets For Improved Productivity

If you’re looking to transform your company’s creative operations, the single largest impact you can have on your organization’s creative operations productivity is the establishment of a single, centralized (ideally cloud-based) digital asset repository. This one change completely alters the way your team stores, manipulates, collaborates, searches, retrieves, tracks, secures, and shares photos, videos, PDFs and other files.  (Note: many of globaledit’s customers have already taken this step and have made globaledit that digital asset repository.)

centralize digital assets in one place

When you move to a central repository, the first impact your entire organization will notice is the sense of clarity that will emerge. The constant questions and uncertainty about “where the latest version is” and “where those files are” will be gone. A simple browse or search becomes the path to find any and all files – from anywhere and at any time.

In this new world everything anyone needs to access is always just a search or a click away. It will make things easier when someone needs to grab the approved final version of an image, when someone needs to quickly browse through every shot taken on an old shoot, or when you need to check the metadata on a certain photo or video.

The largest benefit may be in time saved. It will no longer take hours or even days to figure out where a file is, or on what hard drive it was stored. Projects finally move along and deadlines get hit rather than missed.

Another potential win is mobility. You can now access years of archives right from your phone or tablet, and send it along to anyone with just a click. This kind of always-at-your-fingertips access to your library transforms the value of your entire photo and video library.

Many companies find that the number of mistakes throughout the creative production process drops when a central archive is created. First because it is much easier to find the exact right version of any image when it’s needed. Secondly because many of these platforms offer some form of digital rights management — to enforce important rules or contractual obligations.

There are other benefits too: Avoid mistakes, gain universal access, save time, and simplify the life of everyone touching your creative operations. It’s easy to understand why establishing a centralized digital asset repository should be considered your first step towards better productivity.