Can Fashion Brands Keep Up with Next-Gen Social Platforms?

By Globaledit

Social Media Apps

A BOF article “Want to See the Future of Social Media? Look to Asia” points out brands are perplexed by the vast amount of next-generation social media platforms growing at an unfathomable rate.

The article states, “Beyond the sheer number of “next-gen” social media platforms cropping up across the continent, it is the speed at which they evolve that stuns the average marketing executive.” Companies are questioning which platforms they should invest in and how to manage all the creative content needed for the new platforms. The need to jump on board the train of next-gen social platforms will have brands scrambling for content specific to each channel. 

Deploying the right creative content to the correct social channel calls for an intuitive creative workflow platform. A workflow platform, such as globaledit, utilizes robust metadata and AI to quickly locate the right visual assets created for specific social media channels. Learn more about how globaledit can help you prepare for succeeding in adopting next-gen social platforms.