Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?

By Globaledit

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Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?, globaledit®

A proliferation of research and articles show that the demand for creative content has significantly increased over the years. As a result, traditional approaches to creative content production have shifted. Previously, companies allocated hefty sums of money to taking a few high-quality shots for a single consumer touch point. Now modern-day consumption models call for a vast amount of content production across various digital platforms.   

An article in Glossy “How fashion creative is keeping space with production” highlights the demand vs. capacity issue present in the creative production process. It makes evident that brands now face the struggle of depending on a single photoshoot to generate all of the content to cover multiple digital platforms.

With this new approach comes new creative challenges. There are more people on set, and each has their own content creation needs based on the channels they support. Photographers and producers, more now than ever, need the proper tools and technology to fuel effective communication and collaboration during production and post-production.

Which photos are for what channels?

With the increased demand for photography the sheer volume of assets coming out of production has dramatically increased. Searching and finding specific visual assets for specific channels can be a nightmare. But with the proper technology and processes, metadata captured during production empowers you to find that needle in the haystack.

Creative asset management platforms, like globaledit, allow you to ingest and append metadata to images, so you can easily filter and find the content you need. For example, you could create a rich metadata schema that includes channel. The ability to locate the precise image for its respective channel slashes time within the production process.

Who said that?

Online creative workflow management software also meets the challenge of having multiple key players involved in the creative production process. Globaledit’s online collaboration tools accelerate creative teams’ productivity.

Powerful tools allow for comments, markups, and ratings to be made on individual assets in real-time. All activity is tracked, ensuring a historical record of team members’ changes and edits. Collaboration also is enhanced with globaledit’s secure, centralized cloud-based library, accessible from anywhere, at any time. One central location of all visual assets allows teams to optimize their workflow speed and efficiency.

Investing in creative production platforms that aggregate and optimize metadata at multiple steps in the production process is invaluable to brand managers, producers, and creative directors, who are stuck in the trenches of creating content. Discover how globaledit can streamline your production workflow and overcome the production challenges of today.