Beauty Brands Are Trending Towards a Blueprint for Clean Beauty

By Globaledit
Feb 17, 2020

A Glossy article reports that Beautycounter, a leading cosmetics brand in clean beauty, has implemented a new set of manufacturing standards called Blueprint for Clean. According to the article, the “Blueprint for Clean includes 12 for transparency, including requiring manufacturing partners to be cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny certification and increasing its forbidden-ingredient list from 1,500 to 1,800 ingredients.”

Corresponding with Beautycounter’s debut of the Blueprint for Clean is a 12-minute documentary showcased on their website about mica mining. The short video has a powerful call-to-action of asking “viewers to share the video, to purchase from brands that do not exploit child labor and to ask government leaders to act.”

Beautycounter has a large following and a high engagement rate with an average of 336 postings about the brand and its strides in clean beauty. The #betterbeauty hashtag often used by the brand has become ubiquitous within the industry. Beautycounter’s marketing strategy is focused more on advocacy and values of clean beauty rather than its products.

Beautycounter’s salient presence in clean beauty and its urging for clean practices in the industry places pressure on cosmetic brands. Consumers will start demanding #betterbeauty from all beauty brands.

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