Automatically Install Aspera Connect

Installing Aspera Connect is now easier than ever before! There are no more security hassles or restarting your web browser to install the latest high-speed transfer plug-in from Aspera.

This is exciting news for users who do not have administrative privileges on their computers and are required to request permission to install new software, as they will be able to upgrade and download Aspera without having to go through this time-consuming installation process.
The new downloading method works through a Java applet installer. In order to install Aspera Connect via applet you must have Java enabled on your browser, which most browsers have enabled automatically.
With the new Aspera Connect installation web site, even users who manually installed the program can now automatically upgrade to the latest version via the applet. Another feature of the upgrade is that users can now check if they have the latest version installed by simply visiting the download page. Users also no longer have to select which operating system they use when downloading as the correct version is auto-detected when installing.
To see which version of Aspera Connect you currently have installed and to automatically upgrade to the latest version here: