Adding Crop Marks to Image Markups

  We’ve released a commonly requested globaledit feature — adding crop marks to images. The markup tool now allows you to draw constrained rectangles to clearly specify a set aspect ratio. To use the new feature, click on the shape icon in the Markup Editor. Select the shape you want and begin drawing. More tips […]

How to measure your creative operations

Written by Brian Stuckey, Senior Product Manager at globaledit. One of the books that has really shaped my thinking about creative operations is Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal. The basic plot is about a manufacturing plant manager faced with a failing organization and tasked with turning the operation around or the plant will close. The book […]

iOS November 2015 Release

    Globaledit web platform: Read about the November 2015 Software Update.   We released a new update to our iOS app this morning and users on iOS 9 with iPads and devices with 3D touch will appreciate the new touches. Additionally, we’ve made it easy to share lightboxes right from within the application to make collaborating […]

November 2015 Software Update

  Globaledit iOS app for iPhone and iPad: Read the iOS November 2015 Release.   We released an update to the globaledit web platform and want to share some some of the changes. Among the most exciting new features are mobile-friendly lightboxes to make quickly sharing images faster and a new capability we’re calling ‘Workflows’. […]

Globaledit for iOS – September 2015 Update

  Reviewing assets while on-the-go is about to get easier. The latest update to our iOS app makes it easy to filter and sort images so you can very quickly find and review exactly the images you need to see from your iPhone or iPad. To get to the new feature, enter a job and […]