Assigning Jobs to Multiple Users is Easy with globaledit

By Globaledit
Nov 10, 2009
Whenever a new job is posted to globaledit, there are often many different users who need access. For similar jobs that occur over a period of time, often the same users will need to be given access to each.
globaledit allows you to create “User Groups”, making the process of assigning jobs to multiple repeat users easy. Here’s how: 

  • On the Admin side, navigate to Users > User Groups and choose your account if necessary.


  • Click the plus sign button next to “User Groups”, enter a Group Name, and click “OK”.


  • Click the plus sign button next to “Users” to add a new user to this user group. Choose a user and his role, and then click “OK”. Repeat until all your desired users have been added.


  • When you assign job to users, just click the “To Group” under “Assign Job” and choose the user group you’d would like to give access to the job. All the users in the user group will be assigned.

Stay tuned for future postings on other ways globaledit can help streamline your workflow.

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