Advanced Metadata with David Riecks [Snackinar Recording]

By Globaledit

You have the metadata basics down. Now your workflow and library need to take the next step. With a more demanding workflow and a growing library comes a greater need to harness the power of metadata, drive advanced automation, and optimize search-ability.
Special guest, David Riecks, joined us again to show you how to take advantage of both standard and custom metadata types and elevate your creative production. Named as a “Pioneer of Digital Preservation” by the Library of Congress in 2009, David has been involved in many recent digital image standards and is founder of
In this session you will learn:

  • Effective metadata field types
  • How to apply metadata templates and use keyword sets
  • How to create and use custom panels
  • How to create and use custom schemas
  • Best practices for .XMP sidecars

Listen to Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, and Metadata Guru, David Riecks, in this advanced metadata Snackinar and take your metadata skills to the next level.

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