5 Top Trends in Digital Storytelling

By Globaledit
Mar 03, 2020

The digital space has re-envisioned traditional storytelling. A report “Digital Storytelling for Luxury Brands: 5 Trends To Succeed” discusses the core measures of storytelling have stayed the same, yet the digital realm is transforming the manner in which these stories are delivered.

The report unpacks how digital is re-defining storytelling and offers 5 key tactics that top luxury brands are using to engage affluent consumers digitally. The top 5 successful trends for digital storytelling are the following:

1.) Content snacking: storytelling in micro-moments

2.) Mobile videos: go vertical and go live

3.) Ephemeral stories: 24 hours then gone

4.) Social media and UGC: The audience as storytellers

5.) Big data helps craft more personalized stories and understands which stories will resonate

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