4 Benefits of Uploading Directly to the Cloud from Set

By Globaledit
Dec 03, 2014
Content creation is speeding up. The pressure is on for brands to produce more and more visual content in less time. Creative decision makers are often overseeing multiple photo shoots at a time, and their ability to be on set is limited.  How can you keep up? Corrie Zaccaria, globaledit Account Manager, recommends uploading directly to the cloud from your photo shoot . Here are 4 key benefits of uploading to globaledit on set, and get ahead of your competition.
1. Speed up your time to market

A cloud-based system enables your team to quickly access images and start making selects, ratings and markups in real-time – wherever they are. So all those folks who couldn’t make it out to shoot on location in Fiji…still have an eye on production.
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2. Collaborate in real-time

Get immediate feedback and direction from your creative team off set.  Potential errors can be caught and fixed during the shoot, avoiding costly re-shoots or retouching. This allows your team on set to make quick changes and ensure they get the right shot.
Learn more about:  collaborative markups, notes, comments, notifications

3. Save TIME & money

Moving to the cloud means eliminating the redundant hard drives in your life. You can finally stop throwing away money on purchasing extra hard drives and shipping them around the world. Here’s another big saver: No more overtime charges from the studio or your crew for additional file processing time.
You also cut down duplication of effort in the production process since reviewing assets and making selects is centralized. Avoid the time sink of making selects on a hard drive or server and having to transfer onto other platforms.
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4. Organize at ingest

Applying detailed metadata directly from the shoot ensures your photos are properly tagged and easily searchable. It is particularly important when dealing with multiple products or talent. And with Adobe & Capture One ratings support, the team on the ground can rate while they shoot, and their work is preserved at ingest saving you time down the road.
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