3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow

By Globaledit

We’ve all been there: Trying to make the most of our time by using production shortcuts that can save our schedule. But when your company or client starts producing high volume of creative assets for their multi-channel retailing and marketing strategy, the ‘quick & dirty’ fixes that worked for small scale teams or creative production no longer work.
Inefficient habits can have a long-term impact on your team’s productivity, their morale, and your business. When your team needs to deliver a high volume of assets in a short period of time – production cycle times are constantly shrinking – you need to bring your A game.

  1. Centralize

The worst thing that could happen to a creative production team is to be physically and virtually disconnected from their assets. The two most common mistakes are:

  • On set: Uploading all the files to a hard drive and shipping it to the in-house creative team or advertising agency. In this case, teams can sometimes wait for days before they can start working on the assets.
  • On set or at the office: Uploading files to the FTP server or using consumer tools like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or HighTail to share the assets with the rest of the team. Here’s the truth: These tools are not powerful enough to quickly upload and share terabytes of files in no time.

creative production, 3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow, globaledit®The moment you start using these tools, your creative production is already delayed – by a few hours or a few days. Since creative teams are more and more distributed, centralizing your assets on a cloud-based platform is key to get your creative production on the right track. It also provides one single source of truth accessible anytime, anywhere. It removes all doubts and frustrations right from the beginning.

  1. Simplify

Scattered communication is the evil of our time. Teams email each other for everything and anything: Share files, chase approvals, provide feedback, etc. Mistakes or errors are common – if not the rule. From retouching the wrong file to missing a key information in an email spread, sometimes teams spend more time correcting their mistakes than actually getting the production moving.creative production, 3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow, globaledit®

Review & approval should take minutes, not hours. Giving and receiving feedback should be a matter of seconds. You shouldn’t have to frown every time your client or Creative Director emails you their feedback. Marketing and sales departments know it, and you know it more than anyone: An image is worth a thousands words. Emails interrupt the creative production workflow. To control and simplify it, start by connecting your feedback to your creative files: Ratings, selects, approvals, notes, and markups need to be attached to the asset your team is working on, in one centralized place accessible from anywhere. Don’t let emailing slow down your creative production.

  1. Automate

Creative operations, especially when producing huge libraries of product photography or lifestyle images, come with repetitive and time-consuming tasks.creative production, 3 Ways to Improve Creative Production Workflow, globaledit® Some of them are unavoidable, but many of them aren’t. Remember that contact sheet that took you so much time to put together and shared with your team? It can now be automated. That email recapping all the markups you’ve made on a photo or a video? Automated. Finding all the assets that have been approved by your talent? Automated search. Use technology to your advantage by automating all this time-consuming tasks, and focus on what you do best.

Creative production platforms like globaledit offer a simple and easy way to centralize your library, simplify your communication to avoid mistakes, and automate your most tedious tasks to save time. All in one platform – not three or five different tools or platforms. Selecting the right platform will give your team the freedom to focus on what they are really good at: their creative input and expertise.