The use of globaledit archival services are subject to the following terms and conditions that may change at any time.

Archiving Files:

  • Archive options and privileges are granted on a per account and user basis and must be ordered in advance according to globaledit pricing and polices that may change at any time.
  • Files in active storage within a globaledit account may be archived at any time.
  • Assets are archived immediately upon request.
  • Archive billing is based on the highest level of archival storage space consumed in a given month.
  • Storage space consumed is based on the sum of the file sizes of all the assets and related archived files including derivatives, metadata and checksums.
  • Archive action dates are based on the time the action was requested (eg. archive, unarchive, delete), NOT when the request was performed, delivered or completed.
  • Once archived, assets will not be available for download until they are first unarchived (aka restored), subject to the terms of ‘Unarchiving Files’ as listed below.

Unarchiving Files:

  • Files requested to be unarchived are available in a minimum of 4 hours from the time of request (actual availability depends on many factors such as the volume of files requested, overall system load, bandwidth speed, and storage capacity). Large unarchive jobs (eg. over a terabyte) could require several days before files are available.
  • Files cannot be unarchived within 4 days of archiving them.
  • The same file will encounter multiple unarchiving fees if it is repeatedly archived/unarchived

Deleting Archived Files:

  • Deleted archived files are permanently removed and are not recoverable.

File Security and Loss:

  • Globaledit may use third party storage providers such as Amazon Web Services to provide archival and other storage services directly or integrated within the globaledit services and interface.
  • Archived files are encrypted before being archived, and encrypted again in the archive.
  • globaledit uses a checksum process and values to help verify that files are not corrupted.
  • No data storage system can ensure zero corruption or 100% data availability. We do not warrant globaledit’s archive services to be corruption free, 100% available, or free from defects, outages, or other problems.
  • By using globaledit, you agree and accept the terms and conditions understand the risks.