Image Approvals
Manage Assets
Image Approval Galleries help organizations across industries with their workflow, making it easy to "Approve" or "Kill" assets.
What are Approval Galleries?
Built on a user friendly platform, approval galleries allow talent and agents to “Approve” or “Kill” assets for studio obligations. With data analytics built into Approval Galleries, key people on the team can see Approval Galleries statistics entirely on the platform.
How Approvals and Collections work together
You can convert all or part of a collection into an approval gallery for your key stakeholders to review. From your collections you can select assets to send to an approval gallery and pick and choose what assets your team should view.
Approval Galleries provide unparalleled data
New data analytics allow studio officials to monitor and manage all Approval Galleries from a single table. These analytics provide insight into what assets worked and didn't work in order to move quickly through your production timeline.
Get Real-Time Rating Insights
Gain real-time visibility into your "Approvals" or "Kills" when viewing your source assets in the Library. Clear reporting allows you to visualize assets that are in Approval Galleries, as well as the current status. You may also manage galleries with a broad range of rating percentages and have the ability to close galleries on talent’s behalf.
Approval Galleries work seamlessly with contact sheets
Once assets are "Approved" or "Killed" companies can use globaledit's patented contact sheets to function as a PDF of your folder/collection/search results. Producers, Marketers, Retail Display Managers, and more will be able to quickly create a PDF without using any external tools to fit the assets into a page format. This is a great way to take notes and make approvals by hand if needed.
  • For Media and Entertainment
    Use Approval Galleries and contact sheets to sift through assets quickly, edit, and send in PDF form for approval.
  • For Retail and eCommerce
    Approval Galleries and contact sheets make workflows more efficient when working with a high volume of assets.
  • For Agencies
    Stay in constant contact with talent and management to "approve" and "kill" assets as needed.
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